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  • Jessica Rider

How To Set Up A Campsite

We were the talk of the campground....

Last fall we had one of our weekend trips where we didn't roll into the campground until 8 pm on Friday night, which is late for us.

Most of the time we like to be there and set up by 7pm.

The next morning the women across from us came over and complimented us on how quickly we were set up with no arguing.

I immediately thought "whew she didn't hear me talking loudly to Rusty while backing up, thank God!"

She mentioned it looked like we had a great system for set up and I explained that it has taken several years but we have got a pretty good routine down.

Many people we talk to are not only worried about pulling the camper but are also apprehensive about backing into a site and setting up. They want some sort of system for doing this.

So I thought I would share a few things we do...

1. I get out and back Rusty in (always making sure he can see me in the mirror)

2. After we are parked in the right spot Rusty puts the jacks down and gets the camper off the truck while I get the dog out and secured to a tree.

3. I help Rusty set blocks under all the jacks.

4. On a good weekend the camper will then auto level itself. If not Rusty does it manually.

5. Once we are level I put the steps down and start letting the slides out.

6. I turn the air on if it's Summer and get my heaters out if it is Fall/Winter.

7. I put anything away that I may have just thrown in at the last minute.

8. We put the awning out and set up the chairs.

9. We are ready to camp!

10. We eat!

That's it!

Same thing every time, every weekend!

If you create a simple system for yourself like this you can get the setup process down to 20 minutes or less.

There is no time to waste when we are just there for the weekend.

Create and easy system for yourself and comment below if you need help!

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