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How To Winterize Your Camper

I am not ready to winterize our rig just yet.    We honestly will probably try to put it off for another few weeks if we can but that doesn’t mean that some people haven’t already begun the process.    

I feel like we have seen it all when winterizing a camper, from the early days of not being clear on what we were doing to having a pipe break and leak water and of course mice.    We had done so good for so many years keeping mice out of the camper and then last year they got us.  And last year was also the year the pipe broke and we discovered a water leak.   I guess someone didn’t get all the water out of the pipes… 

In the video below I walk through our camper and show you what I take out, clean out and get ready for the winter and a quick version of the winterization (because we haven’t winterized just yet) but I want to also give you a list of things we do here.  

You can watch the video HERE

 I am the inside person, I make sure everything on the inside is cleaned out.  So here is where I start. 

  1. The first thing is always the food.    All the food comes out.    I have in the past left things like flour, sugar and canned goods in the cabinets through the winter but this year I am taking everything out.   

  2. I will go back in then and wipe out and disinfect all the cabinets.   I already did that with a few drawers this year when some things spilled but I will wipe those out again as well.  

  3. I defrost the freezer and wipe it along with the fridge out.   

  4. This year one thing that I am going to do is take inventory on utensils, cups and pots that we don’t use and get rid of them.   We did that in our house during the shutdown and I still need to do it in the camper.  

  5. Another thing I am doing this year is reorganizing our clothes.   Our clothes rack in the closet broke earlier this year so I will have to reorganize everything again.    This also means I will take inventory of the clothes and take out what I don’t need.   

  6. Everything gets scrubbed down, vacuumed and mopped before we close her up for the winter.

  7. We also will make a list of all the things that need to be fixed and either make an appointment or have a mobile guy come to the house over the winter.    

You can check out more of what stays in the camper in the video, click HERE

Happy Winterizing Friends!

Rusty & Jessica

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