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What Makes You Happy About RV Camping & Being Outdoors

When you are only RV camping on the weekends, you want to make the trip the best it can be. For us, we focus on relaxing and recharging our energy to make the next week even better.

There are so many things that can make you “happy” while RV camping. Getting a pull-through site can be step one for any trip. But beyond that, there are so many things that can make your trip the best ever.

What fills your soul?

I polled people and we came up with this list of things that truly make all of us happy campers. First and foremost just disconnecting and from everything makes people happy. We go to the woods to get away from everything and sometimes everyone. It not only gives us a break from the house and our daily lives but we can actually put our phones down and breath fresh air. Disconnecting re-energizes us and keeps us pushing harder on all our projects.

Nature was another big thing that RV campers loved. Listening to the river flowing, the wind blowing through the trees, catching a big fish or just thinking through the woods gives campers the chance to connect with nature and honestly just exist for a minute. It is a whole new experience when you can just sit in nature and listen. Much like our daily lives, there is a whole world happening that we may not even understand.

For instance, did you know trees have a whole root system underground that talks to one another. There is a system of communication amongst the trees for which grow tall and which do not. It is fascinating. When you just sit back and listen, take deep breaths and enjoy nature you will definitely come back from the trip feeling ready to take on the next week.

The way to my heart.

I couldn’t write this piece and not mention food. For some, cooking over the fire and chowing down on s’mores is what cooking while camping is all about. What is not to love about cooking over a campfire. The smell, the sizzle, and the scrumptious taste; especially of blackberry cobbler in the dutch oven. Oh and then homemade ice cream on top! My mouth is already watering.

But all food porn aside, enjoying a fun meal when you are RV camping outdoors is legitimately half the reason we go camping. Super coffees in the morning with our biscuits and gravy then steaks and cobbler for dinner. Nothing better than food made over the fire.

So what makes you happy about RV camping? Why do you enjoy it so much?

Share with us stories from your RV camping adventures.

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