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  • Jessica Rider

What Is The Best Time To Go Camping?

Is there ever really a wrong time to go camping?

If you are like me the answer is no. When I need to get a way it doesn't matter what time of year it is I am ready to camp. Well except for really cold winters, I don't do camping in the cold.

So while there really isn't a wrong time to camp there are seasons to camping where your activities will really depend on where you are camping.

If you are a snowbird and head south for the winter then you can pack a bathing suit anytime and enjoy yourself. But if you are someone that lives in the midwest then camping much later than December is sometimes not feasible.

If you are a weekend camper like us then you are not venturing more than a few hours from home so depending on the activity you want to do will depend on when the best time to camp is. For example here where we live the fish are usually biting in the spring so we camp a lot during that time so my husband can fish. The summers here are very hot so unless we are camping near water we typically avoid the hot summer camping days. However in the fall the weather and the scenery is just gorgeous so that is prime camping and hiking time for us.

To say there is a best time to camp is hard because it really depends on where you live. You can never go wrong with "there is never a wrong time to camp."

Happy Camping!

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