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  • Jessica Rider

What Food To Take On A Camping Trip

When it comes to camping one of the number one things we always plan for is food. Without food is it really even a good camping trip?

You can bring anything from simple sandwiches to a lavish smoked brisket with all the sides. We have done both and everything in between. We love food so making sure we have the best when camping is important to us.

When planning for a trip I start with breakfast, will we have big breakfasts but sometimes easy things for a grab and go day as well. Most of the time we are big breakfast people so bringing eggs, bacon, sausage and biscuits are key for us. We make everything from omelets on the Blackstone or chopped vegetables, fried potatoes and biscuits. For easy grab and go breakfasts we will do fruit, granola bars or protein bars.

Next I move onto lunch and this really depends on what we are doing for the day. If we are going to be out in the woods most of the day then we rely on easy sandwiches but always make sure we have top quality cheese and lunch meat. If we are going to be around camp all day then we may make fancy grilled cheese sandwiches or loaded burgers. We may toss some sweet potatoes in our small Fry Daddy and have burgers and fries for lunch.

Then comes dinner and dessert and we tend to go big on this. We keep everything from steaks, chicken, brats and pork steaks in our camper freezer on the regular so we always have options. A good baked potato, wrapped in foil and cooked in the fire is a great side option to any of those things. Sometimes I will make a batch of mustard potato salad or coleslaw for a side item as well. You can always buy cold salads like this as well before your trip for an easy dinner.

Now comes dessert which tends to be our favorite. Anything in a dutch oven is great and easy items are dump cakes. This is where you dump a can of apple or cherry pie filling in the bottom of the pan and top it with a box of cake mix and a can of clear soda. These are easy to put over the fire and cook until done. You can also do a fancy s'mores bar with all kinds of cookies and marshmallows over the fire.

The key to food while camping is to decide before you go if you want easy food or something a little more decadent. Then take the next step to get all your recipes together, make your grocery list and pack your camper. Last enjoy your food!

For more recipes click below!

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