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Top 5 leftover camping recipes

I have found there are typically two types of people in this world: those that love leftover and those that cannot stand them.

For us we are perfectly fine with them however I do like to jazz them up a bit and make different meals from the leftover item.

On our last trip we had a few items that we made a large batch of and then repurposed in a few different ways.

RV Camping recipe ideas using leftovers

We had some leftover barbecued pulled pork from a dinner we had at our house a few days before we left. So I threw that in the camper and figured I would find something to do with it. Well that I did. Rusty had pulled pork nachos one day with the cheese dip we made (more below) and we had a three pork scrambled egg breakfast bowl one morning. I had some bacon, sausage and the pulled pork so I combined the three and then mixed in some scrambled eggs. I will say the boys loved it. Pulled pork is easy to do in the crockpot and you can use it for, honestly, any meal.

Another thing we made on this trip was our nacho cheese dip. This is a very easy recipe that calls for a block of velveeta, 1 can of rotel, 8oz of sour cream, 1lb of cooked sausage, 1 onion and some jalapenos if you would like. Dump all of that into a crock pot and put in on low for several hours. This is great for a mid afternoon snack, for a Mexican themed dinner or for wacky creations like I made.

With the leftover cheese sauce I used it for cheesy fried potatoes for breakfast one morning. I fried my potatoes like normal and then I covered them with the cheese sauce. Kind of like gravy but cheesy and gooey instead. Also on the last day I had just a bit left over so made Rusty a loaded egg stacker with the cheese sauce on top. Stack up the meat, egg, cheese sauce and repeat until you have the tall stack you are looking for.

Probably the breakfast that Rusty loved the most from this trip was the steak and eggs. We grilled steaks one night and he ate only one of them. So for breakfast the next day I simply reheated the second steak and fried up two eggs. Done, leftovers used!

Camping foods that make good leftovers

Some other top foods that we bring and use over and over are things like….

  1. Mustard Potato Salad which can be used as a side for lunch or dinner.

  2. Fruit Salad which I love for a breakfast side dish or throw in a small bowl and let the kids sit outside and eat these with their fingers.

  3. Roasted vegetables either from the grill or skillet. These are good as a reheated side dish or chop them up and mix in with an omelet.

  4. Foil Packets are great when reheated or mixed into some sort of bowl. I like to add some fried potatoes to the veggie foil packets and then a little burger or pulled pork with it.

For those that don’t mind leftovers try to spice them up a bit by adding them to a different meal all together or having them on the side of a different protein option.

Don’t throw away the leftovers, just repurpose them!

Happy Camping!

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