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  • Jessica Rider

Things To Ask When Purchasing An RV

There are many things that get assumed or don't get mentioned when you go to buy an RV and if you are new to the process you don't know what to ask.

You get excited about all the cool features of your new RV, the adventures you will take and if you are like me all the things you are going to pack in the RV. There are times that the buying process is fast paced like at a camper show, so you may not get a chance to look at every line item and how that adds into the total cost.

We know it can be overwhelming and can ultimately leave you frustrated when you go to sign the final papers for the RV. We were there when we went to purchase our second RV. We found it at a show, ordered it that day, put a deposit down and waited eight weeks for it to be made. The process was much different when we got the final invoice and went to sign though. There were things we specifically spoke to the salesman about at the show that somehow were not included on our final bill.

We were very frustrated and almost walked away from the whole deal, without our deposit. The owner of the dealership got involved and while he didn't meet us completely we did compromise on the items in question, but rest assured we were ready to walk away from the deal.

Before you purchase an RV think about these things that you should ask.

First, most of the time a hitch to actually pull your trailer is not included. Now the dealer will sell you one and may even put it in your truck for you but that is an extra cost. Be sure to look at the line items on your purchase order to see what the charge is.

Second, all the accessories you NEED are not included. Your camper is not going to come with the vent covers, the poop pipe or any of the other accessories that are necessary to camp. Be prepared to pay for these things separately. Sometimes a dealer will offer you a gift card to their store where you can purchase these things, if they don't, ask for one.

Third, be sure to bring a notepad and pen to your PDI walkthrough. You can even record things on your phone as well but be sure to take notes. You will not remember everything they walk you through.

As always we are here to help you through this process and have some great resources to help you make the best decision.

First you can check out this questionnaire to find out what camper is right for you.

Second you can take a look at this checklist for buying an RV.

Third take a look at this video on tips for buying at an RV show.

Last let us help you even more by shopping with you or doing your RV inspection for you.

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