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  • Jessica Rider

The Three Main Types of Campgrounds

When it comes to campgrounds there are only a few main types to look for when it comes to your RV camping trip.

If you are beginning your search for an RV campsite it may seem confusing, there are so many apps and websites to use to find the right one for you. But the truth is if you just start with the type of camping you want to do then narrowing down the type of campground you are looking for can then allow you to plan a great weekend trip.

There are a few main types of campgrounds to look for and there are benefits to each.

First there are private campgrounds. These types of campgrounds are typically owned by individuals or businesses. They may have a lot of amenities for families to participate in and have a regular schedule of activities. Most of the time campsites are well maintained and offer many different adventure opportunities at each site. There are some downfalls to this type of campground including a higher price, closer campsites and less nature. You can find these private sites at places like Jellystone, Harvest Host or KOA.

Second there are public campgrounds. These types of campgrounds are owned by some sort of government agency. These campgrounds are typically older but are more spaced out and has a lot of outdoor amenities. You can find things like hiking trails, lakes, beaches and boat docks. These campgrounds are maintained by the Corp of Engineers or the specific state or may have a volunteer structure that is keeping the campground running. These campgrounds are typically less expensive than private campgrounds but may not have the events or opportunities for children to find things to do. You can check out a lot of these sites at

The last main type of campground is for those not looking for any connection or what is called Boondocking. This is the type of camping where you are completely off grid, have not connection to water or electric and are relying on the sun to keep your RV running. Many people enjoy this type of camping and while it has become popular over the last few years unfortunately sites are becoming harder and harder to find as areas are closing due to overcrowding. This type of "campground" really isn't a campground but rather a place to park the RV for a time. You may have nothing but the open air and a beautiful view for amenities, which for some is perfect. The best part is boondocking is free. To find boondocking sites check out this site.

The next time you are looking for a campground ask yourself first what type of amenities you are looking for and how far away you want to travel. Then either look for a private, public or a boondocking site that suits your needs.

Happy Camping!

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