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The 10 Best Fifth-Wheel RV Camping Sites in Missouri

We are constantly being asked what parks we go to and where do we like to go the most.   Since we are just weekend warriors at this point, we typically don’t venture more than a few hours from home. We find that is the easiest to get to on a Friday night, which allows us more time in nature.  

The Best Missouri RV Campground

Hands down, our favorite park in Missouri is Indian Creek Campground at Mark Twain Lake.    It is a huge campground with around 200 sites that are pretty spaced out and have great views.   This is also where Rusty grew up hunting, and still goes to this day. Therefore, in the fall we are up here a lot. My favorite rock/thinking spot that overlooks the lake is here as well. All-in-all this is our favorite spot, three hours from our door to the pull through campsite and just an all around awesome place.   

Other Missouri Campground Ratings

  1. K-Bridge Campground in Annapolis, MO – the K sites are the newer ones and are for bigger rigs like ours. This is a good relaxation time in the summer because we can back our truck right up to the river and hang out. The crowd can get a little rowdy at times but for the most part this is a good summer spot.

  2. Piedmont Park and River Road Park in Piedmont, MO – we typically hit this in July every year to camp for a long weekend with friends. These two parks overlook Clearwater Lake which is a small lake but super fun to boat or fish in. The sites at both of these parks are pretty spread out and offer great amenities.

  3. Mark Twain State Park in Perry, MO – This is a good park but some sites are not the most level so you have to be careful. However for a park that has activities for kids this is a great option, they seem to have something almost every weekend. Bonus they are open year round in case you get the itch to get out in the cold weather.

  4. Ray Behrens Campground at Mark Twain Lake – This is a Corp of Engineer park and is very similar to Indian Creek in that it has close to 200 sites and you are spread out.

  5. Meramec State Park in Sullivan, MO – This is a fund campground around Halloween as they do a big trick or treat event. We have decorated our camper one year to participate in the festivities. Most of their sites are gravel with few exceptions but this campground is close to home for us.

  6. Echo Bluff State Park in Eminence, MO – This is one that you take a long weekend for if you are coming from St. Louis. It pushes the three hour limit for us but this park is awesome. You are in such a remote place in Southeast Missouri and they have an amazing hotel/cabin rentals for those that do not have a camper.

  7. Pomme de Terre State Park – This was a haul for us at four hours. The sites were decent but all gravel and the one we had was not quite level. You are packed in there more and there is not a ton of parking at your site. For us we went with another couple who had a boat so getting everything at one site was a challenge. The lake was nice and it had a great marina and beach. Not a bad place to go if you are close.

  8. Ozark Outdoors – This is a private campground so the layout is much different. You are packed in there much more and having a gravel site is questionable. Most of the sites are just an electric box between two trees. They are a big place for floating on the river in the summer which is a fun time. This isn’t a place we go to often though.

  9. Onondaga State Park – This is one of the few state parks we have stayed at that has paved sites. You are a bit more spread out at this one and are close to the river. You can explore the cave they have close and they have pretty good hiking trails as well.

These are just a few of the places we have stayed around St. Louis and what we think. Part of our hope with this community is to get feedback from you all on what you thought about these sites, what other places around the country are your favorites, and where we should get out to next!     

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