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RV Camper Maintenance

We have a major issue on our camping right now. The cable on one of our slides is starting to fray and it is preventing us from pushing the slide out at al. One we are scared it won’t come back in but two we don’t want to damage it any more. And guess what the part, it’s on backorder.

So here we sit with the slide that allows us access into our living room stuck in and us only having half our camper to use. It has been a little rough on the recent camping trips but one positive is I can step over our recliners to get into the living room and the dogs can’t.

I get a little time away from them if I need it!

But this combined with seeing so many new people in the camping industry this year I thought it would be wise to make a list of the common maintenance things on your camper. We can’t prevent the big things, like a slide from going out but we can do these little things to make sure our rigs keep moving.

For a full video on our slide and the common things we do, watch HERE.

But here is a short list for you to tackle. You can get a full maintenance list on our resource page, HERE.

  1. Always check the tire pressure on your rig and even the spare tire. This goes for your tow vehicle too.

  2. Check all the seals on your slides and your roof. If need be you can reseal your roof and keep your slides lubricated.

  3. Flush your black tank every time you camp, if you have that option. It may seem overkill but it will help keep everything flowing out of the tank.

  4. Grease the hubs on your camper.

  5. Waxing your camper, especially the front, will help keep the bugs and dirt off.

There are many other things you can do and like I said download our list but these few things are the top items Rusty does to our rig several times throughout the year.

Don’t forget all of our items are 50% off on our website as we close out the year. We need to make room for lots of new stuff in 2021 so head over to our SHOP page and load up on some great gear.

Thank you for making our first year in business an exciting one! We love and appreciate all of your support.

Happy Camping,

Rusty & Jessica

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