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  • Jessica Rider

Quick and Easy Camping Snacks!

It's no secret that I love food so most of our trips revolve around some sort of food dish.

This summer we will have a few trips with friends and their kids so I will inevitably come up with some sort of awesome concoction for us to eat.

I enjoy that!

But not all of our trips revolve around some lavish meal.

And when I say lavish I am just meaning something like homemade ice cream, nacho bar or a dutch oven cake.

For the trips that we just need quick and easy here are some of the things we rely on.

1. Smoothies. It is so easy to just throw some frozen fruit, protein and milk if you would like into a $20 ninja blender and have a great midday snack. You can find a good Ninja blender on Amazon.

2. Snacks. We bring things like almonds, peanuts, pork rinds or fresh fruit to snack on.

3. Most of our trips we will have a bigger breakfast which is bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, etc. Those are really easy to cook over the fire or in an electric skillet. Or new to us this year is our Blackstone Grill which is also very easy to set up and whip up eggs and bacon or even pancakes.

4. Of course sandwiches. You can never go wrong with a good sandwich or we like to kick it up with a loaded grilled cheese. You can do this on the Blackstone as well and when I say kicked up I mean with a few different types of meats, cheeses and a spice mustard or mayo.

You can't count out a good trail mix or granola bar either. These are perfect for kids to if you load up on a few different things at the beginning of the season from Costco or Sams Club and then have the kids throw whatever they like into a small ziplock from a few different choices.

And if you keep these things in your camper all the time, dry goods anyway then you are never without something easy. We never know where the trail will take us on a camping adventure so having some basics that stay in the camper are perfect!

What is a snack you would keep in your camper?

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