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  • Jessica Rider

How to stay fit while camping

Beyond the obvious things like hiking, swimming and walking how else can you stay on track with your fitness goals while away from a normal gym?

I really struggled with this when I got into fitness because I would do so well during the week and then we would go camping and my fitness and food would be off for the weekend. I get you are supposed to be relaxing but for someone like me, I like to stay active.

So what can you do to stay fit?

Well, there are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for a trip.

First, get on Pinterest and find some HIIT workouts and save them. These typically do not require any equipment. I will find a bunch of these and then take screenshots of them on my iPad. That way if I don’t have service its no big deal I have pictures.

Second, you can get some bands from Amazon so you don’t have to bring any weights. Now don’t get me wrong I have thrown in some dumbbells here and there but the weighted bands are awesome for doing different types of workouts. I can get a decent arm, shoulder and chest workout in with bands while camping.

Use Your Surroundings

Last you can always just focus on cardio. I like to find some hills and do sprints up and down. For instance in Missouri at Clearwater Lake, the boat ramp is one gigantic hill. I typically take one day on our yearly trip to run up and down the hill as part of my workout.

Don’t be afraid to use the beach, jungle gym or picnic table for workouts either. There are all kinds of things you can do to keep on track while you are away from your normal gym.

The biggest thing is don’t use a weekend trip as an excuse to slack in your workout. Get creative, get some bands and stay on track.

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