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  • Jessica Rider

How To Prepare For Camping Season

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

Here in the midwest at the time of this writing we are just starting to get warm enough weather for us to start camping. We are itching to get camping as soon as possible.

Last year our truck was at the dealership for two weeks getting everything repaired so we were ready for camping season and this year we had to get the camper repaired so it is ready for this season. It is an exciting time because it means I will no longer be cooped up in house on the weekends but rather I can be by the campfire with my drink of choice listening to the woods.

Camping is truly my heart and soul and is the entire reason I started this company. Nature is where I go to find my peace and connection to my purpose, again and again. I am ready for another awesome season. We have booked several trips so far and we are looking to do some longer trips this year.

Catch my tips in this video about how I am going to prepare for the camping season and the top three things I do.

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