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  • Jessica Rider

How to make RV travel easy

If you are wondering if you should buy an RV camper trailer, I am here to tell you that it really does make camping so much easier!

Now I know for some, just the thought of hooking up a truck to an RV causes stress but I am here to tell you that’s the easiest part. The RV, whether a travel trailer or a fifth-wheel camper, honestly just follows wherever you go. (at least that’s what Rusty says)

I will tell you, I had an entire system down for our tent camping days (which keep watching our stuff because I will release a book on it later this year) that made it really easy. But when we stepped up to the RV, the entire landscape of camping changed for us!

The Game Changed When We Bought An RV

Here is how camping in an RV can be easy.

Have a complete second set of everything in the RV

Everything from towels, dishes, shoes, and clothes. We have an entire second wardrobe in the camper along with many of the utensils and things we used in our tent days. So, that way, everything you need stays in the camper.

Figure out a way for your RV camper to be plugged into your house

When we bought our first camper we actually moved our air conditioner and created an outlet for our camper. That way if we don’t feel like unloading on Sunday we just plug it in. We also do this before a trip (honestly our camper is plugged in all the time) so we can take our time loading up.

You don’t need to bring all the comforts of home RV camping

For a short weekend trip for us I don’t worry about getting all the decorations and other non-essential things out. It’s just not worth the cleanup. A flag is good enough for us. No need to complicate things.

Keep your RV camping meals simple, especially when going for just the weekend.

Do some meal prep the week before and just toss your food in the RV’s fridge. Make the weekend more about getting into nature, and not about having to prep tons of food.

These are just a few ways to keep it simple and enjoy your RV travel a bit more. Look out for upcoming e-books and guides from us in the next few months, so that you can get back to your RV travel plans for this summer!

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