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  • Jessica Rider

How To Make Backing Up Easier

Backing up is never fun when your yelling and your husband is yelling and then the entire campground is staring at you in disbelief.

Rusty and I have had our fair share of fights a time or two. Well more than a time or two.

Usually I wasn’t standing in the right spot or like just recently I backed him into a tree on accident. No damage, it was just our back rack that hit a tiny little tree.

But another lesson learned for sure.

So I have had to learn how to back him up the right way to minimize the yelling and cussing and the show for the entire campground.

First I always make sure I stand where he can see me in his mirror. If I can’t see his mirror, he can’t see me. This includes moving while he is backing up so I can continue to see his mirror. I see so many people in campgrounds who are trying to back someone in but they don't move as the trailer is moving. Make sure you can always see the mirror the driver is using.

Second I bring a flashlight to shine on the ground for him on those Friday nights when we get there at dark. I use the flashlight not only to show him the pavement but I also use it as a signal for him to stop so we aren’t yelling back and forth over a loud diesel truck. I just shine it in his mirror and that is the signal to stop.

Last I remember patience because Rusty is a perfectionist. He will pull up and back in just to move an inch one way or the other. I am a back up, looks sort of straight, lets go kind of person but he is not so having patience with him and the entire process is key.

I also recently learned on a solo trip I did just how dark it is when looking in your mirrors and pulling your RV at night. I will admit that I did call Rusty and say that I now understand all of his frustrations with trying to back into a camp spot at dark. It really is hard to see fifty feet behind you with zero lights.

Keep in mind these things the next time you are backing into your favorite campsite for the weekend!

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