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  • Jessica Rider

How to find RV campgrounds

I didn’t grow up with camping, I maybe did it a handful of times as a kid and then as a girl scout but that was pretty much it so finding campgrounds was a new thing to me.

I wasn’t a sleep in the woods, nature nerd like I tend to call myself these days.

When Rusty and I got married I learned a whole different side to camping that I never knew existed. We started in a tent and then moved to another tent and then to a 27’ camper and now we are in a 40’ camper.

Camping is not what I expected and it certainly is not as bad as you may be thinking right now. It can be very easy, very fun and most importantly to me, very relaxing.

I have created systems and processes for us that make the entire weekend away just flow smooth, most of the time, and allows us the most time in nature.

But it all starts with where the heck you are going to go to camp.

Where are you going to go to enjoy the outdoors and make memories with your family?

The YouTube video below gives you exactly how I use apps to find campgrounds to go to but I wanted to include some tips here as well.

First things first you have to decide how far you want to go from home. Because we just camp on the weekends we don’t typically like to go more than three hours from home. We have our usual places we like to go and also places we go depending on the season. In the fall we always head north to Rusty’s hunting spots so you will find us in the same campground typically every weekend in October and November.

Second you have to decide what type of camping you want to do. For example camping in a state park or a Corp of Engineer park is much different than camping in a private campground. More times than not private campgrounds don’t have a lot of trees or shaded areas and you are packed in much tighter. Whereas state parks or corp of engineer parks you have more space between sites and a lot more foliage. Two different styles and you should decide which you want to do. We typically prefer the latter however we don’t count out the private parks and will hit them up on occasion.

Lastly you should decide on a park based on the amenities. There is nothing worse, as I can only imagine, then a kid with nothing to do. Take a look at the campground map and make sure there are playgrounds or hiking trails or caves or water or just anything really they can do to entertain themselves. We stayed at a park one time that was all gravel so the little one staying with us couldn’t ride her bike or scooter or really have much to play on. However they had a pretty awesome playground and it was on a lake with lots of water features, so she was entertained for most of the weekend. Most parks will have a list of all the amenities they offer.

Starting out with these simple things when planning a trip really will make the process much easier.

Happy Camping!!

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