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  • Jessica Rider

How To Find Camping Near You

Camping doesn't stop just because gas prices go up. Statistics show that people don't stop camping they just find places closer to home.

This is true definitely true for us!

We love our favorite places but some of those are three hours away which when you drive a big truck can really eat up your gas. Planning one, maybe two, big trips for the year is great and then finding places closer to home is ideal.

But how do you find these places?

A lot of times we don't even realize what is close to us because we are always looking for the big trips. Recently we camped at a park we had been to before but it had been a while. The park is an hour from our house and it was a great time. We had forgotten about this hidden gem but we are glad we rediscovered it.

If you are looking for some new parks close to home here are some things you can do to find them.

Download the app RV Parks & Campgrounds. This app has a ton of features to it and was rated one of the best apps. You can look at the map and find areas within an hour of you in any direction and then zoom in to find where the campgrounds are. This app will list public and private campgrounds as well as Walmarts or Cracker Barrels to camp at.

Check out for all of your Corp of Engineer Parks. These are great because they are usually larger sites and have great amenities. They also have an app that you can use to find campsites as well.

Hit up your states park website. Every state has a parks department and has places you can camp. I live in a suburban area and we even have camping close to us at some state parks. Your municipal parks may have some camping as well.

If you are in a destination city or close to one you will have plenty of options for private campgrounds as well. These are not as easy to find in one directory so go to google and search "campgrounds near me." That will do the trick.

Don't let your camping season pass by without participating just because gas prices are high, find those places close to you where you can still create lots of memories.

Happy Camping!

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