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  • Jessica Rider

How To Create A Camping System

When people see me and my camper they say “I could never do that,” I tend to laugh because honestly any of us can do anything in this world if we just put our minds to it and do the work.

I truly believe that the world is limitless. We are the ones that put the limitations on the world.

But I do understand when people see us and think that it looks too complicated simply because I have a 40ft rig. They see this giant thing going down the highway or backing into a camp spot and think, “good God that is huge!” It does sometimes intimidate people but just because I choose to go big doesn’t mean everyone has to.

You can absolutely start with something smaller and more manageable for you. Please don’t let the size intimidate you.

Having an RV truly comes down to creating a system for yourself. From pulling to packing to backing in and baking (bread or in the sun) the entire thing is a system for us and it is what has allowed us to make the most of our weekend camping trips.

A few systems we have are:

  • Pre-pack system: this is where we get into the camper a few days before we leave and make a list of things we need to replenish and food we will bring.

  • Hook up system: this happens on Thursday nights for us where Rusty will come home after work, take our big truck to get gas, come home and fill our water tank in the camper and then hook it up to the truck.

  • Friday system: this is where I jump in and will pack all the food we need for the weekend in the camper and make sure we have everything we need ready to go including making the bed if it is not already made. I then will throw all of our last minute items in our last minute bag, clean up our house and we are ready to hit the road.

  • Drive out system: this is where Rusty and I double check everything before we pull out of our driveway and then we close the garage, pull out and shake hands and say "safe trip." It's a goofy thing we started a long time ago but we do it every time we go on a trip.

  • Backing in and set up system: this is our system for backing into our campsite which entails me getting out and guiding Rusty into the spot and then onto getting blocks out, getting the RV off the truck and then rolling the slides out. (really that is all our set up system entails).

  • Pack up system: this is our system for packing up on Sunday which involves me doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, sweeping the RV out, shaking the rugs out, making the bed and throwing everything that needs to go into our house into a bag. Then we reverse our set up system and we are headed home. On the way home we make a list of everything we need to replenish in the camper for next time.

People think that it is a lot harder than what it truly is. I basically walk into my camper with groceries every week and everything else is already done for me. I have created systems in which I have made camping extremely easy for my family thus we do it all the time.

Pulling the RV and planning for everything are generally what scares people away from camping but the truth is neither of those things are hard and they are easy to figure out for your family.

If you need help shoot me a message and I would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Happy Camping!

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