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Fun RV Camping Activities For Kids

On our last trip we had some friends came up for a few days with their three year old.

Holy Moly………

I was tired!

She was all energy all the time, no naps, in bed late but she was never crabby which was truly amazing. And this little girl pretty much has our heart so we will do whatever she wants to do.

The cool thing is she does entertain herself most of the time. But after playing with her for a weekend and going from one thing to the next and the next I started to understand that you parents have a big job on your hands.

Keeping kiddos entertained is one thing, but keeping them entertained while RV camping can be a whole other thing. I mean they are in the camper, out of the camper, riding their bikes, running the trails, in the jungle gym….. The list could go on and on and on.

I received an article that spoke about fun things you can do with the kiddos while camping and I thought I would share some of the best ideas. Now keep in mind, these seem fun and easy in my head, but as someone who only camps with kids every now and again they may not be the best for your crew.

But in case you are looking for some different ideas, here you go….

1. Have kids create a memory book before the trip and then they can find things and ways to document the trip. Better yet snag one of our camping journals and have them document the trip. Have them create a list of all the things they may see while camping, create a page for each thing and then they could go on a hunt to find these things once you are at camp. Come back and add them to your book. Then every trip would have some sort of memory log for it. If you want to use our camping journals you can snag one in our store.

2. Bring back the Mad Libs. Yes I said Mad Libs. That old school game some of us played in middle school. These could really force the kiddos to think and come up with goofy sayings and scenarios depending on the type you get. These can be a great car game or something to do if it is raining outside.

3. Now we are not a big game family, Rusty hates playing games, but there are some great ones to toss in the camper that you can play inside or out. Some great games are National Parks Monopoly, Jenga, Old Maid and Go Fish. We have Yahtzee, Scrabble and a regular deck of cards in our camper, again that we rarely play, but they are there. And there may be Cards Against Humanity as well for those adult only trips. Just another way to knock off an hour or two of boredom on a rainy afternoon.

4. Beyond hiking, fishing, bicycling and walking the dogs while you are outside don’t count things like dance parties and outdoor movies out of the equation. A bluetooth speaker is great for an impromptu dance party. You can also snag a projector for pretty reasonable and you can throw up a white sheet on the side of the camper. We did this before for about eight kids to watch an outdoor movie. We made snacks for them and they loved every second of it.

5. Outdoor games are great as well. Things like yard Yahtzee or Boccee ball, corn hole and hillbilly golf are all hits around the campgrounds. These can be fun for adult only trips as well. Nothing like a little wine and yard yahtzee, just watch those dice!

But sometimes nothing beats just sitting around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and sharing stories. All of these can make for great adventures and wonderful memories with the kids.

When planning a trip where kids are involved my fun things typically revolve around food and what we can make so don’t forget that having a s’mores bar, homemade donuts or ice cream runs to the boat dock can all make for great memories too.

Happy Camping!

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