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Our Top 5 RV Camping Recipes

If you are like us, RV camping is a two-fold camping adventure. One is just getting away from the hustle on the weekend and enjoying nature in Missouri campgrounds. But on the other hand, there is all the yummy camping food and great outdoor cooking recipes to experiment with.

Whether you are RV camping or tent camping, you can make these awesome camping recipes that are quick, easy and delicious!

Roast or Stew!

Sometimes camping in the Springtime can still be a little cold. Having a good roast or stew to warm up with is great. Choose either venison or beef roast, sear it on all sides then toss it in a crockpot with potatoes, carrots, and onions. Top it off with either cream of mushroom soup or red cooking wine. Season with salt and pepper and let that baby cook low and slow for 6-8 hours.

Stuffed burgers!

Who doesn’t love a good burger? Take your normal ground beef and toss in some salt, pepper, shredded cheese, jalapeños and/or bacon and make it into patties. Don’t forget something like an egg for a binder. Grill those up and enjoy some wonderful burgers.

S’mores, of course!

But take it one step further with an s’mores bar. Yep, that’s right an s’mores bar. You will need chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, and even those coconut cluster cookies. Then grab not only the classic Hersheys chocolate bars but peanut butter cups and other fun chocolate bars as well. My favorite is a mix of white and dark chocolate. Then let everyone load up their own s’more. Such a great treat around the fire.


Who doesn’t love waffles? A waffle maker is so easy to store in the camper and you can actually make a waffle bar for the kids to enjoy. Just make as many waffles as you need and then let the kiddo’s top with whatever they want like fresh berries, syrup, chocolate sauce, etc.


I couldn’t do an article on the best foods and not include the infamous donuts. These are always a hit when we are camping with kids. Just take a can of biscuits and cut each one into four parts. Roll them into a ball and fry in oil until they are golden brown. Then roll them in either cinnamon and sugar, powdered sugar or plain sugar. You can also dip them in a chocolate sauce as well. Such an easy and fun breakfast.

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