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Learn About RVs

Deciding to create new adventures for your family by purchasing an RV may be the easiest decision you will ever make.  Travel has changed and so has camping.  No longer do we have to pile into the station wagon or pitch a tent on rocky ground, we can take the comforts of home wherever we want to roam.  If you are new to this whole RV thing and just need a place to get started this is it.  You will find everything you need to help you feel comfortable in making the best RV decision for your family. 

What Is An RV?

An RV is a recreational vehicle designed for recreational use.

Where are RVs Made?

Roughly 80% of all RVs on the road today are made in Elkhart, Indiana.

What Are the Types Of RVs?

There are many different types but the basics are ones you can drive, ones that hook to your bumper and ones that hook into the bed of your tow vehicle.

Do You Need A Special License?

In most states you do not need a special license to operate an RV but you should check with your state to be sure. 

Who Makes RVs?

There are many different brands of RVs on the market however most of those brands are owned by three companies.

Is Rv'ing Safe?

Whether pulling, sleeping or relaxing in an RV it is very similar to how you live in your home.  When it comes to pulling however, as with any driving, you should be comfortable, aware and cautious. 

Is Camping and RV Life Really For Me?

This is not something to just jump into, you should really do your research and ask yourself if you are going to do this longterm.  Check out our checklist below to find out if it is something for you.